Friday, June 3, 2011

Ahh, Summer

Hey all, Ms. R here.

I'll be taking over the blog for summer, posting here and there, sprucing it up and trying to network more.

When I was a student I don't think I realized (or cared) about how eager teachers are for the end of the year too. I mean, sleeping in, no grading--can it get any better? Add in some good reading (yes, please!) and you have the recipe for an awesome summer.

One of my goals this summer is to read the majority of the novels in my classroom library. I love buying books, so having a classroom library helps me rationalize my addiction. However, at the end of each year when I take inventory and realize how many books are missing, I get a mix of emotions: sadness, rage, annoyance and a tiny bit of happiness. Sad that the books are missing, angry that someone would actually steal from me, annoyance that my students probably didn't steal, just forgot to bring my books back (laziness has no bounds) and a little bit happy because if books were taken then it means that they were well liked. Right?....right?

Here are the books that went missing from my library...see if you notice a trend...

I think I'm going to start keeping all the new books to myself....

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  1. Yeah, I usually think it's laziness on their part more than malicious stealing. It bothers me that the books disappear, but I'm always *try* to be glad for all the times the book was read over and above just me reading it. I also don't put a book up UNTIL I've read it just so if it goes missing at least I read it... I would be able to put more out if I didn't do it that way, though.