Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keeping You a Secret Review

Title: Keeping You a Secret
Author: Julie Anne Peters
Pages: 250
Release Date: Hardback in 2003, Paperback in 2005
Genre: Realistic Fiction


As she begins a very tough last semester of high school, Holland finds herself puzzled about her future and intrigued by a transfer student who wants to start a lesbigay club at school. (from Goodreads)

My Review:
This book is a completely non-traditional love story, and that’s what I love about it. Keeping You a Secret speaks the truth about the difficulties in life that not very many people see; either because they’re not around it, or they choose to not see it. I love how the book is more of a mental aspect rather than physical and is about internal emotional battles. But the thing I love the very most about this book is the passion it portrays very well. I’m a sucker for love stories, and if you are too, you’ll love this book. The author has a good voice, and she’s not afraid to write a controversial book, even though she knows that there are many people in the world that will not be happy with the theme of it. If you are an open minded teenage/adult, I’d definitely recommend this book to you.



  1. I am not into romance novels but this one seems interesting. I wish that the review added a bit more on the plot so I know if I still want to read it. Your grabbed my attention and really made me want to read this book. Now I just need to get the book. Thank you for the review.

  2. After reading the summery I didn't really care to read the book at all. It honestly seemed a bit boring and everyday. But then I read your review and it changed my mind a bit. I think it is well written and persuasive. Maybe I actually will look into this book.(: