Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Go Ask Alice Review

Title: Go Ask Alice
Author: Anonymous
Pages: 159
Release Date: December 27, 2005
Genre: Autobiography

Summary from Goodreads: This groundbreaking classic is more compelling than ever for today's readers. A sensation when it was first published and a perennial bestseller ever since, this real-life diary charts an anonymous teenage girl's struggle with the seductive--and often fatal--world of drugs.

This is a very truthful and sad diary about a young teenage girl that gets caught in the world of drugs.Throughout the book, Alice writes down everything. Everything from the date and what time she woke up to and how she felt when she was on drugs. This allows you to see vividly how small things can lead to countless others. You see her transformation from a good student and daughter, to a slave to addiction. This book shows how drugs drastically changed her life.
This is an incredibly good book to read because, being a diary, it is very honest about the problems with drugs. While I was reading it and even after I had finished, it made me feel scared and sad for teenagers that abuse drugs. But most importantly, it made me open my eyes. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone that is interested in how drugs affect human lives.



  1. It sounds like a decent read. It would be interesting to see how you can slowly sink into addiction. Did the author make it into a story or just a time-line of how she lost her freedom as she became a slave to the drugs? I am definitely going to read it.

  2. i have read this book before and it is really good. i just liked how she was narrating it and it was her personal view. it is a quick read if you like fast. and yeah i really enjoyed it. ut i feel bad for her.